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Our Past, Present and Future


The Community Centre and Village Hall were originally used as schools within the village:

The Village Hall was built first, in 1878, and was originally the village Board School for boys, with the headmaster’s residence immediately adjacent (now a private house). It then became part of Moulton Grammar School, which closed in 1939 and merged with Spalding Grammar School. 

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The Community Centre was built a few years afterwards, as a school for girls and infants. It eventually became the village school and was in use until approximately 1975, when the present school was built further along the road.  The buildings were then entrusted to Moulton Parish Council, who decided to form a separate management committee to maintain them for the benefit of the village, and the Moulton Community Association was born.

Now, the Moulton Community Association is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) (registered charity number 1154390). The majority of the committee all live within the village, volunteering in a variety of ways to help maintain these historic buildings and ensure they remain open for everyone’s enjoyment. The committee regularly meets together to discuss matters regarding the buildings, and fundraising initiatives.


We are a small but passionate band of people and are always ready to welcome new members to join us. If you would like to become a part of our team and help these buildings thrive for another 100 years, just send us a message and we'll invite you to come along to one of our meetings to find out what we do!

We are your Moulton Community Association!