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Looking Forward

Music Lounge No.3 is on its way to bring a thought-provoking discussion about a post-virus world. Don't miss it by heading over to our YouTube Channel.

News and Updates

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Looking Forward

After the change in plans last time, we're bringing you another Music Lounge!

Music Lounge No.3 is going to be bringing more thought-provoking discussion following on from where we left off last time! Looking ahead, we'll be taking a glimpse behind us to think about what a post-virus future will look like. All with some musical interludes as well!

Don't miss it by heading over to our YouTube Channel.


We Are The Champions... Apparently

All thanks to the Lincolnshire Co-op! We have been chosen to be a Local Community Champion, so for the next 3 months, they will be fundraising on our behalf!

Using your dividend card as a member of Lincs Co-op and parting with pocket change in their stores supports a donation towards the MCA and the continuation of facilities available in the village. So, let’s support our local Whaplode area Co-ops and the village at the same time!

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Catch All The News

Our March 2021 Newsletter will be out soon!

This time we're covering everything that's been going on over the winter months; preparing the buildings for coming out of lockdown, and entertaining the masses simultaneously!

If you would like a physical copy then get in touch with us or one of our committee members and we'll get you one. Don't forget to Subscribe to our Mailing List below to be the first to receive any future editions!

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Is That Music In The Village?

Yes! The Moulton Music Lounge 2 is coming up to bring some joy into this different time.

Paul and Roger will be discussing all things related to Moulton, Music, and Life, while providing us with some musical entertainment as well. The question is: will anyone know the Featured Artist that Roger brings this time?

Don't miss it by heading over to our YouTube Channel.

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Hope Comes In All Shapes

Even a tree! With another lockdown underway, the team has restarted our Tree of Hope!

New decorations are being added regularly for passers-by to try and spot on their walks. It takes us back to those days of the simple and fun. The classics of "Eye Spy" and "Spot The Difference"!

Take a look when you walk past to try and spot each new decoration as it goes up!

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Q1: What's Stopping Us?

Nothing! Another Online Quiz is coming your way to give you some local lockdown entertainment!

We have the return of the piano as well as a brand new round to boot! Not to mention some brand new remote technology for such a time as this.

Head over to our YouTube Channel to catch it!

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Starting the Year Off Right!

New Year's Resolutions are plentiful at this time of year, and we are no different! We have two new Items of the Week over on our Facebook Page. We hope to bring some encouragement, joy, and discussion points to the community!

The first is Quote of the Week. Every Monday we'll be posting an encouraging or thought-provoking quote from a famous figure.

The second is a Special Day of the Week. Every Wednesday we'll be posting a recognised day of celebration or awareness. Why not have a go celebrating some of these yourself as a fun or inspirational activity? We'd love to see what you get up to!

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Taking The Green Online

We may be taken away from the Green, but we're not taking the Green away from us! While we can't be on the Green this year, we're going to be there in spirit! Carols On The Green is going online!

Carols, Christmas songs and stories, as well as plenty of laughter to go around, are all going to be features of the show. Come and join in the festivities and Christmas spirit! All on our YouTube Channel.

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Email Subscribers' Newsletter Arrives

It's back! Our Newsletter had been retired for a time, but we've called it back into service for a December 2020 edition. This time, our Subscribers of our new Mailing List get a copy straight into their inbox!

In this edition, you'll get to find out all about what we've been up to during lockdown and what we're hoping to do in the future.

If you would like a physical copy then get in touch with us or one of our committee members and we'll get you one. Don't forget to Subscribe to our Mailing List below to be the first to receive any future editions!


Another Festive Display

Christmas is on its way! Which means decorations are going up all around the village, and the Community Centre is no different.

Our Display Team has been hard at work again this Christmas time to put together another stunning display. Our tree is now Christmas-themed and is joined by our glowing reindeer. 

Stop by and take a look! 

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What If You Turn Your Lounge Into A Musical Stage?

You get the first-ever Moulton Music Lounge! This is our latest online event to bring some community into the lockdown.

Recorded hot off the heels of our previous quiz, Paul and Roger are going to entertain us with some music and discussions in a radio and podcast style show.

Come and join us for all things related to Moulton, Music, and Life.

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Remembrance Day Display

Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday are approaching, and so some of the committee members have put together a wonderful display consisting of flags, bunting, and ornaments.

This is an important time for many in the village, and while the way we remember them may look different this year, we are still here to support each and every member.

We Will Remember Them.

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Our YouTube Channel Has Launched For Our Next Online Event

We're not slowing down! We're continuing to put more focus on our online capabilities and after a brilliant first online event, we've made some improvements for the next one:

The Moulton Community Centre Lincs YouTube Channel has officially launched! All our online events will be here from now on so don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on one. We've launched it in time for our next Online Quiz! Don't miss it!


Our Halls Remain Closed... For Now

Our Grand Reopening was scheduled for the 2nd November. However, while the current climate is still uncertain we are doing our best to keep the village a safe place. So after a review, it's been decided that it would be best to delay to a later date.

Although, we are still ready to open at a moment's notice!

In the meantime, we are still extremely busy renovating and holding online events! Don't forget to check out our Facebook Page for all the details on how you can join in!

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Jessops Construction Re-Painted The Ward Hall

A HUGE vote of thanks to Jessops Construction for re-painting the Ward Hall!

We are extremely grateful for being one of their selected groups in their "12 Days of Community" campaign. "Designed to give back to the community" Jessops Construction came and redecorated the Ward Hall free of charge to offer us "additional support with the maintenance of [our] facilities".

Paul Macallum (on the right) has done a stunning job brightening the place up in time for when we reopen. Why not come have a look yourself once we are?

Jessops Construction gets our Seal of Approval!